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Pymol and very large PDB files. The Zika Cryo-EM structure as a case study

One of my major research interests is the Flavivirus group of viruses. In our work at the University of Queensland we’ve been involved in developing inhibitors of viral proteins associate with Dengue and West Nile viruses. Particularly inhibitors of the … Continue reading

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Pymol – Pages quick test

heres a quick workflow: 1) Pymol ray-trace 2) Copy to Clipboard 3) Paste into Pages 4) Share as PDF via email   extra for this post: 5) Convert on Desktop to JPG 6) insert into WordPress post editor

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Pymol for iPad has arrived

UPDATE 8.00AM: One of the nicest features of Desktop Pymol is the ray tracing of molecules to make nice pictures such as that below. Pymol for iPad allows you, after you ray trace to save the image to the Photo … Continue reading

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Pymol Tip

folks, had a long-standing problem that was nagging me in Pymol – lone pairs, or more specifically how to remove them easily. This usually occurred when visualising data out of a GOLD docking run, where the software has added lone … Continue reading

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