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ChemDraw 16.0.1, a maintenance release

Cambridgesoft/PerkinElmer announced a ChemDraw maintenance release of ChemDraw and ChemOffice 16.0.1. Apparently designed principally to address usability on the Mac platform. Advertisements

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Apple’s iPad Tablet (first thoughts)

Disclaimer first: yes I’m a Mac user and admire their products. I’ve always had a quiet worry about the tablet idea though. Who exactly is it targeted at? It will probably take a little while for me to figure it out but … Continue reading

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Sybyl X shipping now

We’ve had a heads-up that the Windows and Linux versions of Sybyl X are now shipping, Mac version to follow “soon”. UPDATE: now word is “a couple of months” Tripos Page.

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I want Apple to build iPhoto server…

Now that it seems there is no end in sight to the Word/ChemDraw bug, I think the time has come to find new and better ways to index and store all our ChemDraw files. I’ve already come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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Sybyl 8.1 for MacOSX

A bit old news now, but definitely generating interest in our Mac-heavy workplace is the news that Sybyl 8.1  is now available on the Mac (Under X-Windows): I’ve tried it a bit and so far so good. But like most … Continue reading

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The Word2008 Bug update

ChemOffice 2010 has gone GM. Unfortunately through beta testing the Word 2008 bug was not resolved. Microsoft still blames Cambridgesoft. More to follow. See previous post for details. And now there’s news that last weeks SP2 update even breaks Office-Office … Continue reading

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The F Word

Note to tech industry writers, and other people who seek to profit by the use of inflammatory language: If I ever see the word “Fanboy” in articles on your web site, I’m never coming back. Similarly, if I ever see … Continue reading

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