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ChemDraw 17: Faster editing, new features, still works with Word

Hands on with ChemDraw 17 Continue reading

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The Trouble with ChemDraw GIFs on Twitter

Update 8.51 PM. Some graphics were extending off RHS on iPads and other tablets. Phones and Desktop seems OK. Intermediate size WordPress mobile theme seemsĀ at fault. Have had to manually force some graphics to be smaller, ergo fuzzier. When clicked … Continue reading

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The Continuing saga of ChemDraw and MS Office

More times than I can count now I’ve reported on the round trip editing bug. Microsoft and Cambridgesoft claimed back in 2010 to have solved this. Now at least for me this issue is back on the new Mac running … Continue reading

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Recover old Chemdraw PICT files

[Thursday update: Tested this this morning under Illustrator CS3 and OS 10.6.7, still works] Had an embarrassing moment the other day . I found some old Chemdraw graphics that I’d used in a presentation in 1998 that were PICT files. … Continue reading

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Cambridgesoft bought by Perkin Elmer

folks, If you’ve been wondering for a while what’s been happening over at Cambridgesoft (the Chemdraw people) with regards to new product releases, then here’s a clue about something that may have been impeding progress: Announcing CambridgeSoft from Perkin Elmer … Continue reading

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MS Office 2011 still can’t do round-trip Chemdraw

MS Office 2011 still can’t do round-trip Chemdraw editing according to the Mactopia forums at least. We don’t have 2011 installed here (I still use 2004 anyway for Chemdraw compatibility). Some strident debate on the Mactopia forum… “I take umbrage … Continue reading

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I want Apple to build iPhoto server…

Now that it seems there is no end in sight to the Word/ChemDraw bug, I think the time has come to find new and better ways to index and store all our ChemDraw files. I’ve already come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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