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What happens when Backup apps die?

Just a short post/hint about how to get your data back from DVD backups made with Apple’s utility. Backup was introduced in 2002 as part of Apple’s .Mac service, later┬áMobileMe, but languished relatively unloved by the Mac community, and … Continue reading

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A small personal story on non-open science hypocrisy

<Minor late night typo edit and update. This story took place more than 13 years ago, before the current big push towards open data really took off> A few years ago we published a paper on the NMR solution structures … Continue reading

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The great Varian magnet move of 2005

So after this mornings disappointing news about Agilent getting out of the NMR business leaving many Varian users wondering what to do about supporting existing machines I thought I’d share today this cheesy 2005 video about when we moved our … Continue reading

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The trouble with Cha (rant for #RealTimeChem)

Among other things, we work with peptides. We make them, assay them, and calculate NMR structures of them. Many of our peptides contain unnatural amino acids or modified amino acids such as thiazoles, oxazoles, and other non proteogenic groups. Most … Continue reading

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