ChemDraw 16, a second look: Running under MacOS Sierra

[Update March 1. ChemDraw 16.0.1, ChemDraw 16.0.1 press release principally addressing stability and usability issues on the Mac platform has been released.]

A quick update on my earlier post. I have managed to get ChemDraw 16 running on MacOS 10.12.1 Sierra. I installed Sierra on an external USB self powered hard disk, so performance is a bit slow but the important details are as follows:

It works!

It works!

I have not tested all functionality of ChemDraw 16 under Sierra for the moment. But for me, the most important question, “Does round trip editing work with Word 2011, PowerPoint 2011 under Sierra?” can be answered with a big “YES”. Here is a pic of a structure from the previous post pasted back into ChemDraw 16 from Word. The structure is editable, and can be transferred back to Word (or PPT). But please note, this is not supported yet by CambridgeSoft. Officially Sierra is not supported. It’s just that the features I have tested on one machine work.

ChemDraw 16 under MacOS Sierra

ChemDraw 16 under MacOS Sierra

On this Sierra boot disk I have now also updated the copies of Pages, Keynote and Numbers to their Sierra release versions however disappointingly Round Trip Editing (RTE) still does not work on my test platform. So to summarise, neither the El Capitan versions of Pages (v 5.6.2) or Keynote (v 6.6.2) or their Sierra release versions, Pages 6.0.5 or Keynote 7.0.5 support RTE. Office 2011 does.

P.S. I have not tested RTE on OpenOffice of any flavour as I have a thing about Java. Also if anyone else has read this far, pasting ChemDraw structures into a Google Doc does not work. Docs doesn’t recognise the clipboard contents. You can do it by  inserting a graphic (PNG etc) sure, but the editable features that make a ChemDraw structure work aren’t incorporated, so why would you even?

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  1. Thanks for testing. We have also just completed our own qualification for Sierra successfully. We will be updating our documentation and notifications asap but ChemDraw Prime(Mac) and ChemDraw Professional (Mac) are both now qualified to work on Sierra.

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