Who was the hardest Bond? A Chemical Perspective

Opinions vary wildly on the internet indeed as elsewhere about who was the best James Bond. From die-hard Sean Connery fans to those who swoon over a buff Daniel Craig. Today I take a look at the Bond phenomenon. Not to arbitrarily comment on who was the best, but rather to focus on who was the hardest. And to help me I am turning to science. More specifically, the Moh hardness scale.

Chronologically Bond has been portrayed by: Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.

So by extracting chemical elements from their surnames we arrive at Sean Connery as Cobalt with a Moh hardness of 5.5. Next comes David (Nickel) Niven who is a bit softer with a Moh hardness of 4. George (Lanthanum) Lazenby is softer still at just 2.5. Roger (Molybdenum) Moore is unexpectedly hard at 5.5.

Timothy Dalton presents a bit of a challenge as there are no Da elements though the name itself is very apt in this context. However if we cheat just a little and skip one character we can call him Timothy (Aluminium) Dalton, which has a Moh hardness of 3.

Pierce Brosnan also requires us to cheat a bit as Bromine is a liquid and doesn’t get Moh hardness number (but is a well hard element in its pure form let me tell you!). So we’ll get a bit creative and call him Pierce (Bronze) Brosnan, which gives him a modest hardness of 3.

But the undisputed winner in this contest is the current Bond, Daniel (Chromium) Craig with a Moh hardness of 8.5

Daniel Craig image via Wikipedia

That’s pretty clear to me.

So in descending order:

Bond Actor Mohs Hardness
Daniel Craig 8.5 (Chromium)
Sean Connery 5.5 (Cobalt)
Roger Moore 5.5 (Molybdenum)
David Niven 4 (Nickel)
Timothy Dalton 3 (Aluminium)
Pierce Brosnan 3 (Bronze)
George Lazenby 2.5 (Lanthanum)


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