Footballing clichés and their Science parallels

Footballing clichés and their Science parallels

The team worked hard in the off season We flogged our grad students and postdocs to generate preliminary data for grant applications
Look it’s good to get an early result but September is a long time away Happy result but it’s no good until the grant outcomes are out in October
We’re just taking it week to week You’re only as good as your next paper
It was a good win, everyone did their job It’s nice to get that paper out, it was a good team effort
We’re gutted to lose tonight. The scoreline doesn’t reflect the effort we put in. Hopefully we’ll bounce back next week The Nature reviewers were split on this paper. It’s disappointing but we’ll resubmit to PNAS
I’d like to say something about the referees but I’ll get into trouble with the board. I’d like to say something about the referees but I’ll get into trouble with the board.
Yeah nah, we’ll talk about that during the week Someone’s getting their arse kicked in group meeting
Mate we’re all devastated for Hughsie, it’s a horrible way to end your career. But he’s a strong lad, he’ll pull through Last chance EMCR grant before age and years post-PhD cutoffs kicks in didn’t get up. Might get another 6 month contract somewhere 18 hours flight time away.
Obviously the club’s not happy with the results on the pitch, and decisions had to be made Tenure denied
Look obviously I’m not happy to be leaving the club. I’ve made some great mates here I’ll be taking some time off and looking for a consulting gig
Mate we’re rapt to win the final. It’s an unreal feeling right now. I can’t quite believe it. We’ve worked so hard for this. I’d like to thank the fans, your support has been unbelievable. I submitted my thesis. Thanks mum and dad

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