Wrinkles with RightsLink

[Update, 9.59PM, this time with the images!]

So the last four posts on using the RightsLink™ website have thrown up some interesting contrasts between the way the major publishers use it as a gateway to granting permissions to reuse parts of journal articles. Obviously I am not a party to the rights negotiations between publishers and the RightsLink website however it seems likely the reason that different journals have different settings in many of the pop-ups and dialogs is based on the publishers core philosophies rather than canvassing the true variety of potential end uses and end users. It seems baffling to me that the list of options under “I would like to…” varies so much from publisher to publisher. See the picture below for the different options for ACS, Elsevier, RSC, Wiley, Nature Communications, and Science.


The list of options for “requestor type” is also different between journals. For example why does the ACS only have Author, Authors employer, for-profit, non-profit, when the list under other journals is so much more extensive. And why when you change intended usages for an Elsevier article from Presentation/Slide Kit/Poster to “Post on a Website” does Academic/Educational Institute suddenly appear as an option?


Other questions:

Why does the ACS have only have the “use in conference proceedings”, whereas Elsevier and others have both “use in conference proceedings” and “use in presentation/slide kit/poster”. What if you’re going to give a talk or poster at a conference that doesn’t publish the talks as a book of proceedings?

What does “Use on a website” mean? Highly ambiguous. You have dig a bit deeper to find in the FAQS:

Website: A website license authorizes you to display the content on your company website (e.g. company intranet, charity web site, educational web site, corporate web site, personal web site). Note: This license does not cover material to be stored in a central repository.  If you are seeking such a license, you must contact publisher directly.

How are you supposed to calculate the distribution (assume audience size) of a blog post? For a conference talk it’s easy enough to guesstimate from previous attendances.

I also encountered an additional bug when posing as a corporate customer trying to use an image from an Angewandte paper. I filled in the pop ups as I expected and pressed “Continue” only to get to a page saying I had to go back and fill in a non-existent field as to what sort of for-profit I was.


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