The great Varian magnet move of 2005

So after this mornings disappointing news about Agilent getting out of the NMR business leaving many Varian users wondering what to do about supporting existing machines I thought I’d share today this cheesy 2005 video about when we moved our little tough-as-nuts Varian 300 gemini magnet a few metres across the room while still at full field. This was because we were going to install a new 600 in its spot and thought we could extend the baby’s working life a bit more by sandwiching it between the old and new 600’s

Needless to say it all worked fine after being picked up and moved. A few years later it took quite a lot to quench it on purpose but that’s a story for another day, but it did allow to me to relocate it next to my fume hood for more cheesy photos. Everyones needs walk-up NMR next to their ‘hood!

(Yes I know, no safety specs)


fumehood and NMR - perfect

fumehood and NMR – perfect


In case you were wondering what one of these “R2D2” magnets looks like on the inside. See Vanni Piccinotti’s NMR pages here

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