Word for iPad update

After being alerted via a TidBITS update, I just installed the updated Office for iPad into my Gen 3 iPad. As before most if not all editing functions require an Office 365 subscription but now at least printing via AirPrint works without a subscription. Huzzah! As that TidBITS article points out you can also export to PDF for free but I haven’t tested that yet.

Update: Actually I found the export to PDF function is located as an option under the “Share” icon, as an email attachment where you have the option of Word Format or PDF format. This gets sent to iOS Mail. If you want to retain a copy for yourself it’s a bit more complicated. You have to leave Word, and go to Mail, and under Accounts, locate your default Sent folder, and in my case wait a bit for it to synch from the iCloud servers, and a copy of the email should be there. From there you can just chose to save the attachment to wherever (I chose to save it in iBooks, but Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox, iTunes, GoodReader and iTunes were all options.

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