Anything new in iOS8 for chemists?

So I’ve had a day or so to digest the WWDC Keynote and more or less get my head around the new features in iOS8 and MacOSX 10.10 Yosemite, and while there’s tons of new stuff in there for the consumer there’s only a couple of things in there that chemists can look forward to using. And one of those it’s not really clear yet if that’s going to be the case. To start with I think the really big news is the way iOS apps will gain the ability to allow some level of inter-sandbox communications with each other. This has gone contra to Apple’s previous insistence that everything be locked down for security reasons. This has the potential to perhaps allow direct editing of an embedded ChemDraw file within MS Word for example. We will just have to wait and see whether MS and PE think this is a good idea or not.

Secondly, I think that this “Continuity” focus could be great. Editing a Chemdraw Word or Keynote on the bus in the iPad version and having it prompt you to keep going on the Mac when you get to your desk would be brilliant if it works as seamlessly with third party apps as it did with Mail in the Keynote.

Lastly opening iCloud Drive to other developers to let non-Apple apps write to iCloud will be huge. And will give Dropbox a few reasons to be concerned.

I’m still not convinced that Apple’s all or nothing photo/picture synching is the way to go. If the new expanded and open iCloud Drive is flexible enough to allow single picture uploads from your camera roll then it could be useful for moving pictures around. I’d hate for the odd. Chemdraw picture to have to get carried along with all the family snaps on my phone if I had to synch them when I got off the bus.

Other than that I can’t see much more of direct benefit to chemists immediately. It will take the developers to make the secret sauce happen, as always.

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