Topspin 3.2 for Mac ongoing bugs

My problems with Topspin 3.1 for Mac now seem to be intermittent. Bruker has told me the the Mac version is most definitely node-locked , should do no network lookups and should not care where you are, and mostly it seems to work. Yesterday for example I was working off-the-grid; No internet, not Wifi, nothing. And it worked perfectly. Then I got home and tried it again whilst online (via an ethernet cable) and got the error again:

Once again connecting via VPN to our work network made everything work again. Weird


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1 Response to Topspin 3.2 for Mac ongoing bugs

  1. LUU says:

    I’ve topspin 3.2 for mac since yesterday and it works great
    exporting pdf’s works fine with this version.
    but i keep running into two problems i cant seem to figure out.
    1) i keep the data for my thesis in a folder
    because we have multiple nmr spectrometers in the institute within the NMRdata folder i have a subfolder for every spectrometer NMRdata/AV2-400 NMRdata/AV2-500 etc….
    when I put the NMRdata folder as a data dir in the topspin browser it nicely shows the subfolders, but the subfolders do not show the experiments.

    2) trying to attaching molecule structures to my experiments using JCP sometimes causes topspin to go unresponsive. and when it works the edited strucure is not showing up as it should in topspin….

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