Topspin 3.2 for Mac not really a “home” version

So last year I posted a short minireview of Topspin 3.1 for Mac which we had on demo. We liked it enough we’ve since gone ahead and bought a few licenses of the latest 3.2 for Mac for a few work laptops. We have run into a small issue though. Unlike the normal PC/Linux versions we use, Bruker has not gone with Flexlm license management for the Mac version. Not sure why, as it does exist (Sybyl for Mac uses it). They use a node-locking method, tied to a Mac Address. However it also seems to be that it is doing network lookups of some kind as our copies work while we’re at work, but not when we take the laptops home. You get this error:




If however you can VPN into your work network, everything runs just fine (Except that my peptide isn’t pure)


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