Special TIPS issue on Structure-Based Drug Design

This week there is a special issue of TIPS devoted to Structure-based Drug Design. Lots of reviews on all many aspects of SBDD from Fragments to virtual screening on a range of targets.


Advances in structure-based drug design
Joanna Schaffhausen


Experiences in fragment-based drug discovery
Christopher W. Murray, Marcel L. Verdonk, David C. Rees

Iminoheterocycle as a druggable motif: BACE1 inhibitors and beyond
Zhaoning Zhu

Structural biology and drug discovery for protein–protein interactions
Harry Jubb, Alicia P. Higueruelo, Anja Winter, Tom L. Blundell

New insights from structural biology into the druggability of G protein-coupled receptors
Jonathan S. Mason, Andrea Bortolato, Miles Congreve, Fiona H. Marshall

Rapid-access, high-throughput synchrotron crystallography for drug discovery
Stephen R. Wasserman, John W. Koss, Sonal T. Sojitra, Laura L. Morisco, Stephen K. Burley

Structure-based drug screening for G-protein-coupled receptors
Brian K. Shoichet, Brian K. Kobilka

Structural approaches to obtain kinase selectivity
Richard A. Norman, Dorin Toader, Andrew D. Ferguson

The role of structural information in the discovery of direct thrombin and factor Xa inhibitors
Herbert Nar

Discovery of boceprevir, a direct-acting NS3/4A protease inhibitor for treatment of chronic hepatitis C infections
Srikanth Venkatraman

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