Spotted over at Macinchem the announcement that Molsoft has announced the release of their 99c iPhone/iPad iMolview app. For those of view who’ve never visited the Macinchem pages, there’s also a good section on “Mobile Science” for apps, albeit with a focus on the Apple branded devices.

If you’re an Android user, the task of finding the best Science apps is a bit more complex. Try Googling +Science +apps +Android and you seem to find a bunch of sites copying each others lists, or “citing” them rather. I personally think you’re better off just browsing the Android market searching for what you want, but that’s probably just me.

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3 Responses to iMolview

  1. Greg says:

    I just bought imolview for my iphone but it doesn’t run. I just get a screen of video hash. I need to contact the developers. Hopefully it runs on a 3G phone

    • Max says:

      Molview v1.1 has an issue with older devices. We fixed it, please check back in a few days, we’ll have v1.2 on Appstore. v1.2 will support all but the original iPhone/iPod 1

  2. Max says:

    We just released v1.2 that fixes the problem with older devices

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