MS Office 2011 still can’t do round-trip Chemdraw

MS Office 2011 still can’t do round-trip Chemdraw editing according to the Mactopia forums at least. We don’t have 2011 installed here (I still use 2004 anyway for Chemdraw compatibility). Some strident debate on the Mactopia forum…

“I take umbrage with the Poster disparaging $POSTER or any of the MVP’s for that matter…”

“My opinion is that $POSTER’s post contributed nothing to the discussion other than to generally enrage people with this problem.”

“If that happened to “enrage” anyone perhaps those people would be well advised to seek professional help.”

sigh, just fix it people…

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1 Response to MS Office 2011 still can’t do round-trip Chemdraw

  1. Brian says:

    CambridgeSoft and Microsoft are pleased to announce a solution for copy & paste interoperability between Microsoft Office for Mac and ChemDraw. It is well known that changes in Mac OS X affected the “round-trip” editing between productivity suites such as Office for Mac and iWork, and many third party programs such as ChemDraw. We are now pleased to let our user communities know that the issue has been solved with the release of ChemDraw 12.0.2 (and ChemBioDraw 12.0.2) and Office for Mac 2011 version 14.0.1. The updated products take advantage of meta information in PDF files to provide the necessary chemical information which supports “round-trip” editing. For more information, please see CambridgeSoft’s support page ( or Microsoft’s announcement at

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