iPad Keynote and Numbers cannot export as Office

Robert Mohns’ ipad rundown over at Macintouch confirms what we’ve been suspecting, that the iPad versions of Keynote and Numbers cannot export as Office PPT or XLS files. You will need an additional copy of the desktop versions if you want to do this (and oh of course, buy a Mac if you’re a PC person)

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2 Responses to iPad Keynote and Numbers cannot export as Office

  1. Chris McGuigan says:

    There is a problem with Chemdraw structures pasted into Keynote and opened on iPad. All the Chemdraws vanish. All other pasted objects I have tested transfer fine from MAC Keynote to iPad Keynote – its only Chemdraw so far. Any ideas anyone please? To save all the Chemdraws as GIFs or the like and re-import one at a time on the MAC is very slow if you have more than a few.

    • martin says:

      I don’t have an answer for you but I have noticed a related problem on iPhone. I have a couple of Word files with embedded Chemdraws that don’t display them when viewed on my iPhone using Good Reader. Have you tried any other embedded vector graphics such as Prism or Illustatrator? It may be related to bitmap previews of vector data much like the Word 2008 issue


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