Topspin 1.3 bug with data housed on network volume

We are trying to upgrade our copy of Topspin to avoid this bug, as apparently 2.1 doesn’t suffer from it.

But basically if you are processing data on a network volume e.g. Z:\data\username\nmr\ with Topspin 1.3 then some sort of bizarre permissions error is not enabling you to delete the processed data on the network volume. Invoking “delp”  will list all the datasets and you can select them but the processed data is not deleted. It’s an internal Topspin issue only in that the same user can trawl through the Bruker filesystem and delete the same files by hand in Windows explorer. Another incarnation of this bug is in reprocessing 2D data. If for example you wish to rephase a 2D data set in the normal way, you choose your rows etc but when you go to apply the new phase you get an error saying “command not applicable to time domain data”. If there is no pre-existing processed data the command works just fine.

This all only affects network data, anything on C:\ is fine. The bug surfaces for us in a number of different server configurations, SMB mounted directories from a Sun server, SMB mounted volumes from an XServe running MacOSX server.

Linux installations seem not to be affected

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