iPad does Word?

Short update on yesterdays post. According to AppleInsider, the Pages app on the iPad can export Word files. But if you look at what Jobs actually said:

“Write it in Pages, you could make a Word version and send it to your editor”

He could mean that you have to push it through your desktop Mac’s version of iWork which can write Word files. He did not say “export it to Word on the iPad”

Semantics? Maybe.

UPDATED 16th March.

Kind of confirmed on Apple’s web site. Says you can use Pages to save Word, but still waiting for explicit confirmation that Pages on the iPad itself can save as Word:

“Works well with others.

You can easily share the documents you create in Pages in a few ways. Attach them to an email as Pages files for Mac, Microsoft Word files, or PDF documents. Or upload them to iWork.com public beta. And if someone emails you a Pages or Word document, you can easily import it into Pages for iPad — ready to review or edit”

The pages for Numbers and Keynote still only mention importing Excel and Powerpoint though. So given that we know that the desktop version of iWork can export all the Office formats, then I think it would be safe to assume that these lines do explicitly mean the iPad versions. But I still want to see it working first. No more news on chemistry software yet, which is after all the point of this blog…

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