Apple’s iPad Tablet (first thoughts)

Disclaimer first: yes I’m a Mac user and admire their products. I’ve always had a quiet worry about the tablet idea though. Who exactly is it targeted at? It will probably take a little while for me to figure it out but students spring to mind (in place of the ubiquitous lapdog). But as to chemistry based uses for it my big three questions are:

1) Will there be a Chemdraw for iPad?

2) Will there be Pymol for iPad? (you can vote for this over at the Pymol Wiki)

3) Will the revamped iWork for iPad be able to read/write .pptx/.docx files?

[update: According to Macworld, read capability, yes…]

“According to Apple, the iWork for iPad apps can import iWork ’09 and Microsoft Office documents. When creating documents in iWork for iPad, you can send documents in iWork ’09 and PDF formats.”

any others?

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