Everybody else is… so why not here? Here’s my view of the Tablet

For an unannounced product, the media and blogosphere frenzy over a possible forthcoming Apple device sure has generated a lot of free publicity for Mr Jobs and Co. 

And whilst not particularly anything to do with chemistry here is my top 5 list of guaranteed gripes that people will have when it comes out.

1) It costs too much

2) It’s tied to Apple or a select wireless providers services

3) no real physical keyboard

4) no user replaceable battery

5) It’s too big/too small/too Appley

People who complain about these things are really just anti-Apple. Just go and buy the competitors product and shut the … up will you please? Apple doesn’t want all your business, doesn’t need all your business and in all probability will never ever please all the people all of the time. So go and spend all your money on something you want. Don’t dump on Apple because their products don’t match up to your tiny desired feature list.

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