I want Apple to build iPhoto server…

Now that it seems there is no end in sight to the Word/ChemDraw bug, I think the time has come to find new and better ways to index and store all our ChemDraw files.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that on the Mac side of things iPhoto is a very good way of keeping track of figures and things we use for scientific publications, complete with keywords etc. But to date, it’s sharing features are a bit narrow in a workgroup environment. Basically you have to leave your copy of iPhoto running all the time so that people on your subnet can access the photos within whichever album, sets etc you care to share. What I would like to see is twofold

1) A server version of iPhoto that can serve workgroup shared libraries that everyone even outside your subnet can contribute to and use.

2) open up the API to increase the number of graphic types that iPhoto can read to include Chemotypes such as .cdx, maybe even pymol .pse files

whaddya reckon?

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