The Mac-PC Thing

When you see the blue border, you know it’s not going to be editable




If you’re a Mac/Chemdraw user and you can ever envisage working with a PC-using colleague, or vice-versa, never assume that you’ll be able to send them a Word document with embedded Chemdraws that will make sense at the other end.  I’ve seen too many of these, and my answer is always the same: Send the Chemdraw pictures in their original Chemdraw file format (.cdx) as well as the .doc.  Otherwise they will almost inevitably complain “Oh you painful Mac/PC people, this never happens to use PC/Mac users. Your documents always screw up”. Throw in the added problems of embedded Endnote references

and the evils of “Track Changes” and you have what I refer to as the unholy trinity of Mac-PC Word problems in the chemistry space.

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