EWeek – Lazy Journalism

Every now and then, I get really annoyed when some lazy journalist just couldn’t be bothered and turns out a useless piece of puff with a provocative title just to get people trafficked to his/her site. This weeks comes to you courtesy of “Don Reisinger” at eWeek. It’s called click bait, and whoops, I’ve now gone and contributed to the problem. The problem with Reisingers article is as usual, he stoops to the lowest common denominator and says “Why Does Mac OS X Keep Snubbing the Enterprise?” when as anyone with half a clue knows, describing “the Enterprise” as a single catch-all market segment is just plain wrong, lazy and misleading. 


Now Resingers article is not entirely without merit. He does make one good point somewhere around page 2. That being that software developers who write custom code for companies tend to do this on platforms other than MacOSX. Well duh…And this is news how?  Apple as a company in recent years has never been shy of moving on with new technologies. Think back to the CISC-RISC migration, OS9-OSX, PPC-Intel. Now imagine you are writing software that needs to be still running in 10 years time. Who’s platform are you gonna chose? MacOSX? Didn’t think so. No your either gonna go with something big and nasty or you’re going with Windows. Because like it or not, Microsoft is reasonably good at making sure old stuff doesn’t break.  They have to and sure, it means that current versions of Windows are burdened with ungodly amounts of baggage, but hey it works doesn’t it?


Picture the alternative: A custom software developer walks in to a client and says: “We’re going to develop this in Cocoa on MacOSX. It’ll look great, feel great, be easy to support, but you might have to call us back in 3 years time when Apple changes it’s mind again and we’ll write it all again for you at the same price. Bargain!.”


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